The LG Model SC297914ST has received mixed to positive reviews by product users online.  At first glance this model seems like an excellent offering at 1100$ to 1200$, as it is packed with a wide range  features and has a large area of storage space (26.4 Cubic Feet).

The main area that users have taken issue with is the ice maker/water dispenser unit, which have separate issues.  The complaints with the icemaker stem from a difficulty many of the units seem to have with creating cubed ice compared to crushed ice.  The refrigerator is supposedly equipped with both functions, but many users have said that as time goes on, the cubed ice capacity has diminished and it will only produce crushed ice.

The problem that some users have with the water dispenser is that the angle at which the water comes out is not straight down, but more towards the user, so that if the glass isn't angled properly under the dispenser, water will shoot out onto the floor.  Apart from that, the door handles have been called cheap and flimsy.

On the brighter side, as was mentioned, the internal storage capacity is very large, and there are plenty of great features.  Features include open door alarm, water filtration with alert light, child locks, humidity controlled crisper drawers, spill proof shelves, internal temperature sensors with digital controls, door gallon storage, and quiet operation.  And of course the face of the refrigerator has a contoured shape which looks great.



LG SC297914ST Refrigerator Review
Lowest Price for LG Model SC297914ST is 1098.99 through Amazon:
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User Cited Cons:
-ice maker won't make cubed ice
-ice maker shoots ice on the floor
-water dispenser shoots water on the floor
-cheap handles
User Cited Pros:
-nice and roomy and keeps everything cool
-great looking with lots of space
-well lit with good shelving layout
-low cost of operation
-cooling system works great, keeps food fresh longer

LG Model SC297914ST Side by Side Review