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Recent and Featured Reviews

The LG Model LSC27914ST (MSRP 1199$) has received mostly positive reviews from product users.   The curved stainless steel face of the refrigerator makes people fall in the love with the looks and aesthetic.

Even though the refrigerator is packed with features and the price is right, some of the product features such as the icemaker and door handles have been described as quirky at best, and at worst they have been called...
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The GE PFSS9PKYSS (MSRP 2199$) is a fairly high end offering from GE's French Door profile series.   Having received superior user reviews from a wide range of online sites, the GE is a natural choice for a Focus review.

The temperature control and duel evaporator system in this refrigerator has been widely touted as an extremely effective system for keeping food stay fresh longer, and for keeping refrigerator odors out of the freezer....
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The Frigidaire FGHC2345LF (MSRP 1399$) is a surprisingly affordable and highly rated Counter Depth class Side by Side refrigerator.  It includes all the usual amenities that you might expect to find in a higher end model, apart from an open door alarm.

In addition to its sleek and striking galley kitchen type looks, what's really nice about this refrigerator is that there is a conspicuous lack of any customer complaints over any particular feature....
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The Samsung RF267AERS (MSRP 2399$) is a top rated French Door refrigerator model.  This refrigerator is packed with product features and has a very large storage capacity.

Customers seem to have very little to complain about when it comes to this model, and most are extremely happy with the overall combination of looks, easy to access internal layout, and overall range of product features.....
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