Product Features/Personal Budget Chart

This chart was designed to help you more easily identify the type and price range of refrigerator you require based on your personal needs and budget limitations.  How to use the chart is basically self explanatory.

Below the chart you find a lexicon of some of the refrigerator terminology which may be confusing to some.


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Refrigerator Terminology:

Counter Depth  Refrigerator: A refrigerator which is generally 5 or 6 inches less deep than an average model in order to fit flush with the depth of kitchen cabinetry.

Thru Door Ice and Water: An option which allows ice and water to be accessed from the exterior of the refrigerator door. 

Side by Side Refrigerator:  A refrigerator with two long vertical compartments/doors which run the length of the unit.  One is assigned to the freezer capacity, and one to the refrigerator.  Currently the most popular form of refrigerator layout.

Kilowatt Hours Per Year:  Standard unit of measurement for energy consumption of refrigerators.  The average for most side by side and French door models is 550kw Hours Per year.  Top Freezers consume somewhat less energy.

Square Cubic Foot: Standard unit of measurement for the internal storage space of a refrigerator.  Mini fridges are between 2 and 6.5 square cubic feet, while larger units are between 18 and 29.