The Summit Model SPR60S is a very reasonably priced outdoor refrigerator which is UL approved.  It is difficult to find an outdoor fridge which is both UL approved and lower priced.

Although given the high prices of outdoor refrigerators it may be tempting to some to try and use a mini refrigerator not designated for outdoor use as a replacement, in our opinion it is not worth the safety risk to do so.  Not recommended, don't do it.

At around 900$ this model has some nice features.  Space is decent at 4.8 square cubic feet.  The shelves are glass, though they are not listed as spill proof.  They do slide out however which is a nice plus.

You also get a can dispenser, and a front door lock which is great for child proofing.  There is also door storage which will store tall bottles, and a couple more rows of small bottles.  In addition to this it looks like the main storage area will hold at least 6 six packs of soda, and the bottom bin will hold a good deal more fruits and snacks and etc...Its a nice well organized internal layout.

The door hinge by default is on the right side, but it is reversible.  This fridge is not Energy Star compliant or rated, but that is not the important rating in this case. 



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-runs like a champ

-excellent value | full featured

-good space | very attractive looking

Summit Outdoor Model SPR60S  Review