The Samsung Model RF267AERS is a highly rated French Door refrigerator which has scored well across multiple online sites.  At 26 square cubic feet of storage the Samsung offers plenty of internal storage space.  The average online retail price is about 2200$, which is fairly high end for a French Door model.

The product features do seem to justify the price for this model, and of course the Samsung quality build and reliability is always a plus.  In terms of the conventional features, you get thru the door ice and water (not frequently present in French Door models), spill proof glass shelves, water filtration with alert light, spill proof glass shelves, humidity controlled crisper drawers, door gallon storage, and a nice temperature control system with digital readout on the front.

The twin cooling system in this model controls the temperatures in the refrigerator and the freezer separately, and prevents the mixing of odors between the two compartments.  No information is given however as to the number of sensors used to manipulate this system.

The RF267AERS is Energy Star qualified, and according has a low yearly cost of operation which is estimated to be about 55$.  The only feature which is seemingly absent in this model are child locks on the doors, which of course is nothing unusual, as this feature is usually included only in very expensive models.  There is a great deal more information available in the user ratings, please see those below.
Samsung Model RF267AERS Review
Lowest Price for Samsung RF267AERS is 1979.19 at HomeEverything:
Customer Feedback Overall (between three sites):

32 (5) star ratings, 11 (4) star ratings, 7 (3) star ratings, 4 (2) and 2(1) star ratings
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User Cited Cons:
-finger prints on the stainless steel finish
-ice can be loud when dispensing
-lcd readout is a bit confusing
-deli shelf is a little too high
User Cited Pros:
-excellent shelving layout for easy access and adjustability
-lots of space and extra bright interior
-freezer can be well organized unlike other bottom freezer models
-looks beautiful and keeps everything very cold
-quiet operation
-makes a lot of ice since icemaker is not in the door, which also prevents clogging of the dispenser
-big enough to hold a 16 inch pizza in both the refrigerator and the freezer

Samsung French Door Model RF267AERS  Review

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