The Maytag Top Freezer Model M1TXEMMWS qualifies for our cheap refrigerator review not because it is the least expensive top freezer model out there, but because it is giving a whole lot of value for a very low price.

At around 630$ this refrigerator has come down about 270$ from its original price.  You get 21 square cubic feet of storage space with this unit, which is about as big as it gets for top freezer model.

The M1TX has a lot going for it.  The finish is real stainless steel, not a look alike.  There is a built in ice maker up top.  And of course the Maytag name brings a reassurance of quality.

Feature wise there is a fairly large offering.  You get gallon door storage, which frees up a lot of space for storage in the regular refrigerated area.  The shelves are made of glass, not plastic or wire, so you can see what you are trying to reach for, and you don't have to worry about bottles tipping over.

You also get two humidity controlled crisper drawers for keeping produce extra fresh.

What's great about this refrigerator is that its both certified by UL as being safe, and Energy Star for being energy efficient.  That is really nice to get in an inexpensive model.

Overall this model is a mixture of practicality, quality, and nice features.



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User Cited Cons:
-having are hard time getting adjustable shelves to stay put

-some noise at highest temp setting

User Cited Pros:
-ice maker works fast, makes a lot of ice

-temps in refrigerated and freezer departments are perfect

-Energy star rated saves money

-fridge and freezer have plenty of room

-glass shelves are great | shelf positioning is very flexible | freezer is very big

-well made and solid

-quiet | looks great

Maytag Top Freezer Model M1TXEMMWS  Review