The GE Model GSH25JFXBB is a very highly rated offering in the side by side refrigerator department.  At around only 1,000$  this is a very reasonably priced unit for a side by side fridge.  Lets see if there is much sacrifice in the features department.

At 25.1 square cubic feet of overall storage space, this unit is about average for a side by side refrigerator, although this is fairly roomy.  You get a water filtration unit, but no indicator light to see when the filter needs to be replaced.

The temperature control system is externally based, with three internal sensors, and while this is 5 sensors shy of GE's black French Door Model, this fridge is also 600$ cheaper.  Thru the door ice and water is there of course, and GE includes what they call their "ultraflow" 64 technology, which is supposed to supply 64 ounces of ultra cool water in one minute for filling large containers.

Glass spill proof shelving is included, as well as a couple of different kinds of adjustable shelving features for customizing the interior layout to your liking.

There is also a "Frost Guard" technology which is meant to monitor door openings to alert if food is in danger of freezer burn.  You also get the deluxe quiet design, and Duel lighting system for bright theatre like lighting effect.  So all in all, a few less features than their more expensive models, but still quite a lot of fridge for your dollar.



Lowest Price for GE GSH25JFXBB is 899.99 (sale price) at BestBuy:
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User Cited Cons:
-water filter needed replacement after two months

-ice/water dispenser can be messy

-freezer shelves are not adjustable

-mixed reviews on freezer being large enough, or as large as some would like
User Cited Pros:
-quiet and plenty of space

-ice/water dispenser is tall

-ice/water dispenser lock good for small children

-ice maker does not take up all the freezer room, great design

-black exterior is beautiful

-very quiet with sturdy shelving and easy to clean

-gallon in door storage is great

GE Model GSH25JFXBB Side by Side Review

GE 251 Cu Ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Dispenser - Black