The GE Model GMR04HASCS is a well tested model which has rated highly according to users.  At around 200$ what this mini refrigerator offers more than anything else is space and reliability.

The GE Mini offers 4.3 square cubic feet of storage which is fairly large for a mini.  Its freezer does not have a separate external door obviously, but it is located internally, and provides enough room to make ice and store small items.

Most of the space in this model is reserved for the refrigerator. 

While the specs say that there is an interior fridge light, two of the user reviews said that there wasn't, and so almost certainly there is not.  Another thing you need to be aware is that the door is not reversible-the hinge is on the right side and so its going to swing open to the right.  If you need a fridge that swings open to the left, this is not the one.

There are three shelves inside, and there is also a can rack which holds 12 cans.

This fridge is not Energy Star compliant, and while the specs say its "safety" listed, it does not specify UL listed or anything else specific about it.  However it does work, and has received zero complaints about compressor breakdown, which is better than most other minis.

Lowest Price for GE GMR04HASCS is 199.00 at Home Depot:
Customer Feedback Overall (between two sites):

 6 (5) star ratings, 3 (4) star ratings, 0 (3) star ratings, 2 (2) and 0 (1) star ratings
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User Cited Cons:
-freezer section is too small to hold standard ice cream container

-no fridge light

-shelves are not glass

-not Energy Star compliant

-no produce drawer
User Cited Pros:
-attractive looks

-plenty of space in the freezer and refrigerator sections

-well organized and efficient

-works great and looks great

-ice stays frozen

GE Mini Model GMR04HASCS  Review