The Fire Magic Model 3590A is another reasonably priced outdoor refrigerator model which has been certified for outdoor use.  Fire Magic is probably better known for their outdoor grills than refrigerators, however the 3590A seems to deliver a lot of value for the price.

At about 610$ this is the least expensive outdoor refrigerator we have found.  This fridge offers a decent amount of space 4.4 cubic square feet.

One of the things the Fire Magic does not have however is a built in freezer, so no ice cubes.  However this means that the entire compartment is available for plenty of storage room.  So if all you are looking to do is keep your drinks and snacks cold, this refrigerator fits the bill.

This model is equipped with a front lock for child proofing.  It also has two glass shelves and one plastic shelf which are all slide out.  Door storage is there, which the specs claim will hold 2 liter bottles.  There is also a can dispenser located internally.

The hinge on this model is located on the right side, but the door is reversible if you need it to swing in the opposite direction.

That's about it for this model-there are no user reviews as yet.  Its being reviewed simply because it is an outdoor fridge which gives a good number of features at a low price.



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Fire Magic Outdoor Model 3590A  Review