The Frigidaire Model FGHC2345LF is an eminently affordable counter-depth side by side refrigerator.  At around 1399$ this is certainly one of the less expensive counter-depth models on the market today.  It has received positive ratings from online users.

Storage capacity is 22.6 square cubic feet, which is an average capacity for a counter depth model, which usually run a little smaller than standard shaped units.  The range of features on this model is more than adequate, if not the most absolutely robust feature set available.  However at the price being offered, there will be nothing at all to complain about in terms of features.

The shelving is made of spill proof glass, and the doors do have gallon storage despite the shallow depth of this model.  There is an internal water filter with alert light which goes on when in need of a filter change.  Thru the door ice and water is there of course.  You also get three humidity controlled crisper drawers, and an electronic temperature control system.

There is duel level lighting in this model for extra visibility.  The only features which are absent are an open door alarm and child locks.  It is not at all unusual for the child lock feature to be absent however, especially on more modestly price models.

This basically sums up this models features.  Although not a widely reviewed product, there have been no repeated complaints over this models continuous functioning, or anything else related to the breakdown of a particular product feature.
Frigideaire Model FGHC2345LF Review
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User Cited Cons:
-crisper drawers are cheaply made compared to more expensive models
-ice dispenser can release quickly if lever is pushed all the way
User Cited Pros:
-fingerprint-less stainless steel
-can use magnets
-water tastes great
-temperature readout up front lets you know if the door is not shut all the way
-price is great

Frigidaire Side by Side Model FGHC2345LF  Review

Frigidaire Gallery Series: FGHC2345LF22. 6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Side By Side Refrigerator with 3 SpillSafe Glass Shelves, 2 Humidity Controlled Crisper Bins, P