The Frigidaire Model BFPH31M6LM has 3.1 cubic square feet of storage between the fridge and freezer areas.  2.2 of that is in the fridge, and .9 is in the freezer.

While this model only has a couple of user reviews available, both 5 stars, it was picked for review because its overall specs and features seem to offer a lot of value for only a little extra money.

First of all this model has two compartments, which means you can make ice in the top and store drinks and snacks in the bottom.  At 220$ its a good 30 to 40$ cheaper than most other minis with a similar set up, and only 20$ more than most one unit deals with similar space allowance in the fridge area.

Furthermore this model is Energy Star compliant, which is really nice to get in an inexpensive fridge.  You also get glass shelves, an interior fridge light, and a dial temperature control system with 7 settings.

The door swing is also reversible if you need it to swing one particular direction.  And you get an internal can rack for storing soda and juice cans. So overall that's quite a lot of value for the money. 

Lowest Price for Frigidaire BFPH31M6LM is 219.99 at Best Buy:
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Frigidaire Model BFPH31M6LM
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User Cited Cons:
-would like fridge area to be larger
User Cited Pros:
-does everything its needed to do

-highest setting gets everything extra cold

Frigidaire Mini Model BFPH31M6LM  Review

Frigidaire 31 Cu Ft Compact Refrigerator - Silver