Top Freezer Refrigerators

Top Freezer Refrigerators are the classic refrigerator type historically. They were the first kind of refrigerator to be used in a mainstream sense for the American family, and have been in production since the late 1940's.

Top Freezer Refrigerators certainly have come a long way in the looks department since then, taking on a more modern appeal.  However, side by side refrigerators have nonetheless taken them over in popularity.

One of the best things about most top freezer models is that you get a fair amount of space, usually from 18 to 21 cubic feet, for a relatively low price.  Price ranges are typically from 350$ to 850$.

In other words, price-wise, Top Freezer Refrigerators typically stop where Side by side
models are just getting started.

Since there is such a discrepancy in terms of price, usually Top Freezer models do not have
all the bells and whistles as side by side or french door models, as you might expect.  Thru
the door ice and water for example, is one feature that is typically left out.

None of this means however that Top Freezer Refrigerators are lacking in quality, or that they
are typically of lower quality than higher price model refrigerators.  It just means that there are usually less features involved.

Side Notes for Top Freezer Refrigerator:

Top Freezer Refrigerators often present a great value for consumers who aren't looking for all the bells and whistles of higher end models, but still desire space and quality.

Many Top Freezer models offer energy saving features as part of the overall price savings appeal.  For this reason many models are not only cheaper upfront, but can be cheaper to operate over time.

Top Freezer Refrigerators generally come in a less than 500 kilowatts hours per year, whereas side by side and French door models generally come in at 500+.

Options in Top Freezer models might include an ice maker, enhanced interior lighting, frost free defrost system, temperature controlled by sections, pull out freezer drawer, glass versus plastic shelves, and others.

Even though top freezer Refrigerators tend to be less expensive than other models, it is still prudent to investigate any particular model before purchase, and consider personal needs first.

Many Top freezer models present a greater use of overall efficiency when it comes to space.  Door gallon storage is one feature for example which can clear up a lot of space.  For this reason, while it sometimes seems that a top freezer fridge might be less spacious than other types, if the space is used well, then it can be surprising how much available space there is.

The best way to determine which model is the right one for you will be through carefully assessing your own needs and combining this will in depth product research.

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