Side by Side Refrigerators

Side by Side Refrigerators are the standard of modern refrigerators and have been for quite a number of years, having mostly replaced the top and bottom models which were prevalent before the mid 90's.

The long vertical doors represent a more luxurious look and feel than do the older models, and also present a more modern appeal.  Even though side by side refrigerators still set the standard, it is only very recently that the French Door model has competed for popularity.

The average storage capacity of a side by side refrigerator is about 25 cubic square feet, although the range can be from about 20 to 29. 

Water filtrations, child locks, digital controls, open door alarms, and finish are just some of the
features which need to be looked at in these models.  Accordingly the price on a particular
side by side unit can vary from 800$ to several thousand dollars.

Certain common sense things to check are the drawer opening capacity to make sure that all
your bulky foods will come in and out easily, and also the noise level of a particular unit.  Quieter is always better.  Often times even in very expensive models the simplest things are overlooked.

Thru the door ice and water is also another convenience to be considered in a side by side refrigerator, as it often means a trade-off with less ice production for increased convenience and freezer space.


Side by Side Refrigerator Side Notes:

Side by side refrigerators set the modern standard for the most popular refrigerator type in use today.

There is a very large range of prices and features to choose from.  It is best to first consider and define personal needs before making a choice of a particular unit.

Common sense features need to be checked and not taken for granted before making a purchase decision.

The best side by side refrigerator is not always the most expensive, but it is whatever fits your needs and budget the best, given that it has all the watermarks of quality and good design.  Extended research can help from making a mistake in purchase.

Other factors to consider may be the yearly energy consumption rate and the yearly cost to operate.  Not all refrigerators rate exactly the same in this category.  Also consider the expense of any needed accessories.

The best deals to be had on side by side refrigerators can sometimes be in the Spring or typically offseason.  It is best to shop around a good deal before making any final decision on a purchase.  It is also a good idea to check the depth of refrigerator, to make sure that it will not protrude too much from your countertops.

Ultimately the best purchase decisions will be the result of extended product research, coupled with a clear assessment of one's own needs.
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