Outdoor Refrigerator

Outdoor Refrigerators are also sometimes referred to as under-the-counter refrigerators.  However there are important differences between the two terms.

Under-the-counter refrigerators may also fall into the classification of indoor refrigerators, and are not generally subject to the same safety standards as Outdoor models.

It is necessary to
make sure that Outdoor Refrigerators have extra safety precautions in place to safeguard against possible shocks caused by rain, and also the potential heat of a nearby grill.

UL company sets the standards for safety concerning outdoor refrigerators, and it is
very beneficial if the model lists that it has been certified as safe by UL.

As it concerns pricing Outdoor Refrigerators can be quite pricey, due to added safety features,
or other more luxury oriented ones.  In any case they range in price from around 500$ to
around 4000$.  These extremely expensive models usually have precise temperature control
built in to protect certain kinds of alcohol.

The storage capacity of these outdoor units is generally 4 to 6 cubic feet, and other features
to look for are front lock, stainless steel finish, rear evaporator, interior light, and internal fans. 

Side Notes for Outdoor-Refrigerator:

Outdoor Refrigerators may require extra safety precautions due to the possible hazards of the outdoor environment.  This includes such issues as rain, water from a pool, or heat from a grill which is close by.

It is a positive if the UL company has certified a particular unit as being outdoor safe.

Outdoor models can sometimes get into the more expensive end of refrigerators overall either due to special safety features, or due to enhanced cooling features in order to protect expensive wine or other kinds of alcohol.

Child proofing with a front door lock is always a good idea with outdoor refrigerators.

Less expensive models of outdoor refrigerated units do exist, though these may be without the best safety standards, and may also fall into the more general category of under the counter units which are really made for indoor use.  Always make sure to shop and compare so that you don't get more than you need in an outdoor model.

Many good outdoor refrigerator models may seem to be out of the price range of most consumers.  However with enough shopping around certain lower price range models can be found.  It is important however not compromise safety features for a lower price.

Even though outdoor refrigerators can look similar to mini or compact refrigerators, these two categories should definitely not be mistaken.  Mini refrigerators are generally not certified for outdoor use. 

If an outdoor refrigerator appears to be certified for outdoor use, but the certification is not designated as UL, it would be beneficial to send a query to the store or manufacturer to ask what specific safety certification the model has recieved.
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