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Mini Refrigerator, also known as compact refrigerators, are fantastic editions to a college dorm room, office, hotel room, and even sometimes are used as make-shift outdoor units.  It is
however a safety hazard to attempt to use Mini Refrigerators which are not certified for outdoor
use as outdoor refrigerators, and should not be attempted.

There is no doubt that in a financial pinch or emergency situation a mini refrigerator could temporarily replace a full size unit.  Its all really a question of personal needs and means.

Many units such as the one shown here do offer the ability to make ice and freeze small amounts of food.  Many others also have handy compartments for quickly cooling bottles or glasses.

Most often the freezer and refrigerator compartments of a mini refrigerator are integrated into
one unit.  For a little extra though, you can get a mini fridge that has two separated compartments
with two doors.  This generally protects food from odors better than a one unit type deal.

The average overall storage space for a mini fridge is between 2 and 6.5 square cubic feet.

Other types of important features to look for in a mini refrigerator are auto defrost (to prevent
freezer burn), child proof doors, tall bottle storage, quality of finish, interior light, and digital

Side Notes for Mini Refrigerator:

Safety concerns should be taken into consideration before attempting to use a standard mini refrigerator as an outdoor unit.  Outdoor units are best guarded specially against shocks resulting from water contact, such as rain or pool water.  The UL company sets the safety standards for outdoor refrigerator units.

Standard mini refrigerator units are best used indoors, for storing beverages, for an indoor bar unit, or to create extra storage space apart from the main refrigerator in use.

Mini or compact refrigerators are also widely used as an extra convenience to be able to quickly grab drinks from a television area, rather than having to make an entire trip into the kitchen.

Even though mini refrigerators are generally cheaper than larger models, this does not mean that it is a good idea to rush a purchase before the appropriate research has been done.  Personal needs versus features and price should be taken into consideration.

If an ice maker is required, don't take it for granted that all models include one.

Mini, or compact refrigerators can be extremely useful mainly as items of convenience in the home.  Many people use them to place either in their television room or their bedroom in order to save a trip to the kitchen to grab a beverage.  It has in certain cases even been expressed as a massive help.

Another feature which may add to this convenience factor, particular in a mini-bar, or under the bar scenario is tall bottle storage which is included in the door.  Often this feature alone will seem to open the storage space of the mini-refrigerator.  It can be a fantastic benefit.

Don't be afraid to ask a store or manufacturer questions before making a purchase.  Increased education and product knowledge will always help in making better decisions.

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