Freezerless Refrigerator

Freezerless Refrigerators are a popular form of the traditional model which is modified to be without a freezer.  Freezerless models are often used as a second refrigerator, for extra space, or as bar fridge.

The freezerless type of refrigerator crosses over into mini refrigerators, but not all Freezerless Refrigerators are indeed compact.  They can range in storage capacity from 6 cubic feet to 21 cubic feet.

Freezerless refridgerators can also include outdoor models, or specialized models for holding beverages only, or specialty models used for storing kimchee.

Some, but not all freezerless refrigerators come with an ice maker that is integrated usually into the top of the main refrigerated compartment.

These types of fridges are generally less expensive than more standard side by side, or
French Door model refrigerators.  The basic price range is about 400$ to 1600$, depending
on whether or not any number of features are included.

Certain manufacturers do produce relatively luxurious freezerless refrigerated units-Electrolux
for example-which include higher end features such as digital readout for temperature control,
humidity controls, greater storage capacity, and superior fit and finish.

Side Notes for Freezerless Refrigerator:

Freezerless Refrigerator can be full size models or they can fall into the category of mini or
compact refrigerators.  Often compact models are used as a backup unit for extra space.

Smaller units often include an ice maker which are integrated into the upper portion of the main storage area.  Most often full size units however do not include an ice maker.

Freezerless Refrigerators can also fall into the category of cheap or inexpensive refrigerators, although this is not always the case.  Certain manufacturers do produce very high end freezerless models with all the bells and whistles.

Buying a freezerless model is a great way to augment the overall food storage space in a home if you already have a full size model with a freezer attached.  In this sense they may also be used as storage for beverages in home bars, basements, or for business purposes.

It is always important to compare the overall quality, features, versus the price before buying any freezerless refrigerator, and to make sure you do not get more than you need.

Before deciding on which model of refrigerator to finally purchase it is also prudent to carry out a fair amount of market research.  This may include browsing user ratings on the model in question.  Often times these user ideas about a product can point out important shortfalls which may turn the consumer away.

If there are no user ratings to be found, the next best thing is to closely examine the specifications of the freezerless product as described by the manufacturer.  This can at least give the consumer an idea of whether or not the freezerless refrigerator features meet the consumer expectation given pricing.
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