Counter Depth Refrigerators

Counter Depth Refrigerators can be a somewhat confusing term since it bears a similarity to "under the counter", and also because various kinds of refrigerator types can be used to represent a Counter Depth Model.

However the truth is really quite simple.  Counter Depth just means that the refrigerator in question measures in depth so that it's flush with your Countertop depth.  Mainly this has the advantage of creating a better looking kitchen.

Therefore counter depth refrigerators may be represented by the standard side by side model,
or the French door model.  There are however certain differences between standard models and counter depth models.

Counter depth refrigerator models are often a good deal wider than your standard model refrigerator.  This is done to compensate for the overall space which is lost by making the refrigerator less deep to match your countertop.  So this definitely needs to be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

In most others aspects counter depth models are the same as regular models.  When it comes to
the availability of high end features for example, they are also available in counter depth refrigerators.  Spatially they average about 21 to 25 square cubic feet.

Side Notes For Counter Depth Refrigerators:

Pricing for Counter Depth refrigerators are generally more expensive than standard pricing models, even though mostly what you are paying for in more expensive models are the bells and whistles.

Depth differences from standard models average about 5 inches of less depth.  A standard model averages about 34 inches deep, while a Counter Depth refrigerator averages about 28 to
30 inches deep (including handles).

Spatially it should not be taken for granted that a counter depth refrigerator will measure out as the same width as other kinds of refrigerators.  They can be a lot wider, and this is an important consideration.

Most other aspects of Counter Depth Refrigerators are the same as standard models, where it concerns product features, for example.

It is always a good idea to research and compare before buying any particular model, and to make sure that your personal needs have been assessed to avoid buyer's remorse.

The main draw of Counter Depth refrigerators lies in what most people consider to be the good looks of the various units.  It can be a good feeling to see that your kitchen is all aligned and sleek looking in the absence of the normal protrusions of standard models.  Weather the extra price premium is worth it to you as a consumer is an important personal consideration.

In the end product satisfaction will rest as much with you the consumer than it does with the manufacturer of the refrigerator unit.  Extended product research combined with a clear understanding of personal needs is the way to go.

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